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ICHSM 2018 | June 8-10, Tsukuba, Japan


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ACM Proceeding
ISBN: 978-1-4503-6435-5

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Best Presentations

Session<Medical Image Processing>
Elderly Fall Risk Evaluation through Deep Learning of Inertial Sensor Data Collected from 3M TUG Test
Tien-Lung Sun, Tomas Mendoza, Chien-Hua Huang, Chia-Hsuan Lee and Victor Ham Choi
Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan

Session < Biomedical Data Mining >
Cancer Screening Decision Making Models Based on Health Status Utilities
John Maleyeff and Danrong Chen
Boston University, USA

Session < Healthcare Quality Management >
Vascular and dementia survey in aged volunteers involving in recycling work in North Taiwan
Shinn-Kuang Lin
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Taiwan

Session < mHealth Apps >
Critical Factors of Lean Healthcare: an Overview
Carlos Zepeda-Lugo, Diego Tlapa, Yolanda Baez-Lopez and Jorge Limon-Romero
Universidad Autónoma De Baja California, Mexico

Session < Electronic Health Records >
Assessing The Validity of a Data-Driven Population Segmentation Approach Using Electronic Health Record Database: A 4-Year Longitudinal Study on Health Services Utilization and Mortality
Michael Shi YAN, Yuheng KWAN, Julian THUMBOO and Lian Leng LOW
Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore

Session < Health Policy and Management >
Health Insurance, Treatment & Lung Cancer Survival: The Commonwealth of Kentucky Study Case
Morita Sari, James. W,.Holsinger, Sarah Wackerbath, Richard Ingram
Muhammadiyah University Surakarta, Indonesia

Session<Health Service Management>
Smart Disease Sruveillance System for Improving the Quality of Surveillance: Case Study of Somalia
Abdilahi Mohamed H. H Rabi
Kobe Institute of Computing, Japan

Special Session Best

Special Session < User Experience Based Service Innovation in Healthcare Management>
User Experience Sharing System to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Kuo-Yi Lin, Jessica Su, I-Tien Chu and Hsiao-Ling Wu
Asia University, Taiwan

Special Session < Intelligent Systems and Applications for Clinical and Patient Information>
BreastExtractor: A Word/Phrase Matching-Based Text Mining Program for Automatic Extraction of Hormone Receptor Data from Free-text Pathology Reports on Breast Cancer
Kai-Po Chang, Chi-Chang Chang, Yen-Wei Chu and John Wang
National Chung Hsing University,Taiwan

Special Session < Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Health Care System>
The Risk Factors of Needle Sickness During Acupuncture
Chiung-Hsin Chang and Tse-Hung Huang
Department of Internal Medicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Special Session < Value Co-Creation of Emerging ICT Technologies and Healthcare Service Management-Innovating the Future >
Computer Aided Diagnosis of Heart Disease in Children Based on Classification Algorithm
Cheng-En Tasi, Chu-Chuan Lin and Chun-Wang Wei
Kaohsiung Medical University,Taiwan

Special Session < Medical and Healthcare System Technology >
Retrieving and Clustering Keywords in Neurosurgery Operation Reports Using Text Mining Techniques
Chun-Chih Liao, Wei-Hsuan Lien, Furen Xiao, I-Jen Chiang, Jau-MinWong and Ke-Chun Huang
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Special Session < Medical Care, Social Participation and Workforce of Long Term Care >
The Relationship between the Use of Technology Products and Social Participation among Elderly
Liang-Ju Chen, Pin-Chun Chen and Hsiao-Fang Hsiung
Hungkuang University, Taiwan

Special Session < Medical and Healthcare System Technology>
Glucose Level Detection in Vitro Based on Fourier Transform of Photoacoustic Imaging Signals
Tsu-Wang Shen, Hemalatha Mani, Yuwei Zhan and Jen-Hung Yang
Tzu Chi University, Taiwan

Special Session < Health and Biomedical Informatics >
Apneas Detection Based on Oxygen Desaturation Index
Chung-Chi Yang, Fong-Ren Wu, and Jui-Chien Hsieh
Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Special Session < Information Technology in Health Education >
Evaluation of A Mobile Learning System to Support Correct Medication Use for Health Promotion
Ya-Ming Shiue,
Yu-Chiung Hsu, Yu-Chen Liang and Meng-Huei Sheng
Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Taiwan

Special Session < Social Sciences and Public Health >
The Relationship between Workplace Friendship and Work Engagement
Chi-Feng Lo and Churn-Yu Chen
Chung-Shan Medical University, Taiwan

Special Session < Healthcare Management and Expenditure Analysis>
Cross-Sectional Association of Physical Activity and Fitness with Happiness among Older Adults in Taiwan
Michael T. S. Lee, Ming-Chih Chen, Chien-chang Ho and Yi-Tian Lin
Fu Jen Catholic university, Taiwan

Student Competition Best Presentations

Phd Group
Analysis the Influencing Factor in Hospitalization Expenditures for Heart Failure Patient with Different Hospital Levels
Tian-Shyug Lee, Ming-Chih Chen, Yen-Chun Huang and Kuan-Yu Chen
Fu Jen Catholic university,Taiwan

Master Group
Feature Extraction for Photoplethysmographic Signals using PWA: PPG Waveform Analyzer
Pourush Sood, Shibabroto Banerjee, Prof. Sujoy Ghose, Prof. Partha Pratim Das
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

Undergrads Group
Adapting an Evidence-based Diagnostic Model for Predicting Recurrence Risk Factors of Oral Cancer
Chi-Chang Chang, Shin Yang Chen,Yi-Chen Chung, Yi-Ling Huang
Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan

Student Competition Excellent Presentations

Phd Group
Case Based Reasoning Driven Ontological Intelligent Health Projection System
Chuan-Jun Su, Shi-Feng Huang and Yi Li
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Impact of Temperature Variability on the Incidence of Acute Cardiovascular Disease in North Taiwan
Tian-Shyug Lee, Ming Gu, Ming-Chih Chen, Chi-Jie Lu, Chih-Te Yang and Chien-Chih Wang
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Master Group
An Embedding-Based Approach for Oral Disease Diagnosis Prediction from Electronic Medical Records
Guangkai Li, Songmao Zhang, Jie Liang, Zhanqiang Cao and Chuanbin Guo
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Undergrads Group
Development of CERIA: A Mobile Application to Support Community-empowered Dementia Prevention Program in Indonesia
Muhammad Aji Muharrom and Hera Afidjati
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Data Mining for Enhanced Filtration Rate of Kidney Sliver in Chinese and Western Medicine
Kuo-Yi Lin and Yu-Hsuan Liu
Asia University, Taiwan

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