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Honorary Chair

Prof. John Mantas,  President in European Federation for Medical Informatics, University of Athens
Athens,  Greece

Conference Chairs

Prof. Tetsuya Sakurai, Artificial Intelligence Research, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Prof. Shun-Fa Yang, Chung-Shan Medical University, Taiwan

Program Chairs

Prof. Chien-Lung Chan, Department of Information Management, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
Prof. Gin-Den Chen, Chung-Shan Medical University Hospital, Taiwan
Prof. Jason C.H. Chen, School of Business, Gonzaga University, United States
Prof. Jiunn-Liang Ko, Chung-Shan Medical University, Taiwan

Publicity Chairs

Prof. Chi-Jie Lu, Chien-Hsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Prof. Su-Hsin Chang, Washington University in St. Louis, United State
Dr. Chalong Cheewakriangkrai, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Technical Program Committee

Prof.  LO, Sing Kai, The Education University of Hong Kong
Prof. Kang-Nee Ting, The University of Nottingham, Malaysia
Prof. Daniel W. Wong,MThe University of Memphis, USA
Prof. Huimin Zhang, Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital, China
Prof. Kate Diesfeld, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Masanao KOEDA,Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan
Assoc. Prof. Masashi Matsuzaka, Hirosaki University Hospital, Japan
Assoc. Prof. Richard Chaloupka, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Assoc. Prof. Hiroaki Morita, Aomori University of Health and Welfare, Japan
Dr. William Chi-shing Cho, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong
Dr. Joaquim Cerejeira,Centro Hospitalar Universit√°rio de Coimbra,Portugal
Dr. Jirawat Sudsawat, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Hyacinth Faune, University of the Philippines, Philippines





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Submission Method

1. Electronic Submission System ( .pdf) Formatting Instructions (DOC)
2. ichsm@cbees.net

Contact Method

Conference Secretary: Ms. Alice Lin
ICHSM 2018 E-mail: ichsm@cbees.net
Contact number: +852-3500-0137